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Life Is An Experiment

Janel Loi
Janel Loi
• 1 min read

Instead of committing to a huge thing in 2020, I dabbled in many small things while discovering the unique intersection between my passion and skills.

People always tell you to find a niche and double down on it. I got trapped by this early in my journey, until I realized that you can't find one unless you truly explore your curiosity.

My conversation with my friend Nathan Sudds (who, by the way, is an amazing life coach) opened my eyes up to the fact that life is an experiment. It's ok to have a bad experiment. When you zoom out far enough, life just becomes a line.

Explore your curiosity and go as far down the rabbit hole as it leads you. I promise you that you'll find your people and discover what you love.

But dig deep. Go broad. Have meaningful conversations with other builders and learners.

Janel Loi

Marketer & Maker who loves following my curiosity. I love learning and building things and write a weekly newsletter, BrainPint!